True story of mentalward horror.

I am a 59 year old woman with an eventful past, normal regrets and moments of elation. The mother of two girls I raised, have been an active member of society and dedicated to helping others. Sensitive, flamboyant and talkative…That’s me! Where I would love to share my whole story this blog is a daily, maybe weekly notation of events that happened January 3rd  and every day following.

After 9 days of suffering through flu symptoms I went to the ER (I mean who likes the flu and 9 days was too long) I thought being sick with aches, pains, runny nose and hacking was bad…OH NO!!! I would gladly suffer the runny nose and severe cough at home for a year compared to what I went through.

The Doctor seeing me for these symptoms sent me to a state run Psychological hospital under suicide watch (this is prison…and a nightmare I will never forget) I had the flu…now I have heard of coughing up a lung but I wasn’t doing it intentionally. I mean I am not suicidal nor depressed, simply went for anibiotics and cough syrup and ended up locked up in a psych ward. If you think this can’t happen to you…Think again! It happens all the time.

It started out normal…long wait, small room, and a  big bill. After talking to the doctor about my mucussy symptoms he thought that I seemed stressed, and who wouldn’t be after 9 days sick and in bed, right? We will call my  Doctor… Doctor  Moron, (no names right?) because with all that money spent on a medical degree he is still stupid! Doctor Moron commented that maybe my medications (medications I have taken for yrs) were having the opposite effect and I should see a psychiatrist to regulate or change my scripts. I would be admitted so I could talk to someone in the morning. Now after carefully weighing the cons…I mean lets face it no one likes hospitals…. I agree to be admitted. I mean one night in that hospital is what I was told and if staying a night helped ..why not. Most people would agree with the Doctors recommendations right? Especially when it sounded so simple.  I filled out admittance papers and was told “sit tight we are waiting on a room and bed for you.” My rump maintained its position on the hospital bed for 45 minutes. Then to my surprise three visitors walked into my room. All three looking at me without humor and a slight amount of maybe sympothy….maybe mistrust and unsureness. I asked these gentlemen if they had the right room in complete confussion as to what they wanted with me. Short, tall, and spooky strapped me into a strange chair gurney and swiftly took me out a back door and into a horror story.

A small white vehicle that can only be explained as a nightmare straight from the movie Francis Farmer drove me to a gated property. When I asked where I was, I was told “don’t worry you will like it here”.  No no, I definitely did not like it. Are you crazy? I didn’t know if I was being kidnapped and going to end up the main course for dinner that night, or if I would end up as some equally gory sacrifice in some crazy religious cult.

Am I the only person to go the ER for the flu and end up locked in a suicide ward in a Psych hospital? Strangely NO I am not! This apparently happens often enough for staff to tell me about it. Careful you may be getting a three day lock up to the next time you have a cough!


Published by: keishashafer

I am a 39 year old mother of two and the daughter of the woman this happened to. I am sharing her story. This blog will go into details from the first day thru the law suits. Quite simply the world needs to know what happened because this can happen to you. My mother is not the only person that this has happened to. Not only will I tell you her side of the story, I plan on telling you how we broke my mother out of a psych hospital and what the inside was like. Most of you cannot even imagine the horror of this situation. Follow my blog and you will learn not only what happened to her, how we handled this situation but also vital information that will help you avoid the same fate. For those of you who might have suffered similar situations...your insight is welcome.

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